Because the right name is everything

Domain for sale to Metro Bank PLC / future successors.

The statement below is from Metro Bank PLC, who currently use the domain: metrobank"online"

"Metro Bank owns and uses the domain “”. Metro Bank purchased the registered trademark “Metrobank” from the same registrant that also owns the internet domain “” which was not acquired by Metro Bank. When Metro Bank bought the registered trademark, it entered into an agreement that provided Metro Bank would not attempt to use its rights in the registered trademark to gain control of the internet domain. As a result, Metro Bank cannot control who might purchase the domain or the purpose for which it might be used. Metro Bank’s inability to control this domain... could have a material adverse effect on Metro Bank’s reputation, business, financial condition and results of operations".

Source: Metro Bank PLC Prospectus (bottom of page 27 under 'risk factors')

In addition to (and apart from) the above legally binding guarantee provided by Metro Bank PLC, this domain was legitimately registered many years before Metro Bank PLC was created, so cannot rightfully be disputed under Nominet domain registration policies.


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